Transfer Pipelines & Networks

Kindasa has built & is presently operating & maintaining the following facilities inside & outside JIP

    • Transfers potable water through 1.7 KM long buried pipeline from the desalination plant to filling station (FS) 01 located outside the JIP Gate No. 09 to distribute water through water tankers.
    • Transfers potable water to JIP through 4.00 KM long JIP buried pipeline into their underground storage tank located outside JIP Gate no. 2.


  •  Jeddah Industrial City (JIC) 

    Transfer potable water through 10.3 KM long buried pipeline to JIC pipeline network Contractor (TAWZEA) underground storage tank located in JIC Phase 1 .

  • Jeddah Al Khumrah District (JAD)

    Transfer potable water through 22.03 KM long buried pipeline to various industries located in Al Khumrah District (Al Rajhi Steel, Abul Jadayel, Amaintit etc.)

Jeddah Islamic Port (JIP)

KINDASA is constructing stand by above ground 800mm 1.7 KM long potable water transfer pipeline from desalination plant to KWS filling station (FS) 01 to increase the water supply reliability.